Utility Stream was formed with two primary goals; to help simplify business energy and to make the country (and world) a more sustainable environment.

The energy market is an increasingly complex industry. From 3rd party charges and government levies, to fluctuating commodity costs and other political factors. Our team is here to help simplify, educate and streamline your utility challenges and deliver an energy management plan bespoke to your business.

What We Do?


Utility Procurement – With access to the whole supplier market, we can ensure that you’re getting the best available utility rates on the product which is most suitable for your needs

Renewable Energy – Incorporating renewable energy often doesn’t hold any premiums. It’s the easiest way to reduce your business carbon footprint and gives you the ability to report and advertise that you’re committed to supporting the environment



Customer Portal – Access to all of your utility information and data in one place as well as access to ‘live’ renewal supply offers 

Contract and Suppliers – Looking after your contractual requirements and managing utility suppliers on your behalf. We will handle all queries and ensure your supplies do not fall onto default rates

Bureau Services – Bill validation and HH data optimisation ensure that you aren’t overpaying on your energy bills


Energy Insights Technology – Access to ‘device’ level data with the ability to manage, monitor and control remotely. Help to understand your business utility consumption in real-time, granular detail

Voltage Optimisation – Energy saving technology used to regulate, clean and condition the incoming power supply, minimising waste and unnecessary costs

why we do it?

By giving you access to the most suitable utility tariffs and looking at energy efficiency and technology, we are able to address multiple objectives for your business. We are here to support businesses into the future, not just now, which is why we provide ongoing support and align to your company strategy and business plans

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