We have a great customer portal, that will help you manage everything to do with your accounts and meters online.


The front page dashboard will show you what you are paying, your annual consumption, how many meters are active, site location map of all meters across the country and a meter analysis of what fuel you use the most within your business


An overview of all activities being looked at as part of our account management plan. This holds all open and historic activities for you to see, whether they have been requested by you or are just part of our daily activities ensuring your accounts are all running smoothly


A full portfolio view of your business energy to help you manage all meters and sites


There is an overview of all contracts that are live and the end dates for these meters.  Within this section, there is visibility of live tenders that we are working on.


All of your information in one place, regardless of the amount of meters, suppliers and contracts your business may have


We are consistently assessing the market and providing information and data to our customers. Our forecasting section gives you insight into market conditions to help you make an informed decision on your purchasing strategy

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