energy insights

Would you like to be able to see how much energy each of your ‘devices’ are consuming and costing in ‘real-time’?

Our energy intelligence product can tell you the energy consumption, cost and performance of individual items (e.g. machinery, air conditioning units, lighting sections, etc) and provide you with granular detail to help you understand and be able to manage your energy usage.

  • Analyse your energy consumption data to identify inefficiencies and waste, reducing energy bills and enabling you to invest in productivity
  • Real time visibility of power usage delivers energy intelligence to help you identify inefficiencies in your current operation and enables early, proactive action
  • Avoid costly downtime and extend the life of your equipment with real time insights and predictive maintenance alerts
  • Be in complete control of your energy usage with the ability to set rules for assets and be able to switch them off remotely (e.g. lights being left on)
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