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Fully inclusive and fully fixed energy contracts offer the most assurance in terms of cost and allow energy users to budget with accuracy and is a perfect option for the more risk averse energy consumer.

Conventional fixed energy contracts tend to extend up to three years however, due to market uncertainty, many utility providers can now offer up to five years fully fixed.

Benefits of fixed procurement:

  • Long term Price Protection – contract prices are fully fixed for the contract duration and any changes in the market will not affect you.
  • Budget Planning – budgets can be accurately forecast and managed due to prices being fixed and safeguarded for the term
  • Security – gives you protection from what can be an unpredictable energy market
  • Market intelligence – our energy experts who closely follow markets and always pinpoint the most advantageous time to place your energy contracts and ensuring we get you the best plan

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flexible energy procurement

A flexible gas or electricity contract allows your businesses to make energy purchasing decisions during the life of your contract with a supplier, this is best suited to large energy users who can take advantage of rapid movements in the market and potentially save themselves thousands over time. Markets go up and down all the time so that is an important factor in making this work to its potential. In essence favourable market conditions will help you lower the costs of your utilities.

The benefits of flexible energy contracts:

  • Forecasting consumption during the contract term (and you have multiple durations to choose from) to truly maximise the benefits of this type of contract and ultimately reduce overall costs of the energy.
  • This can also assist in avoiding any potential volume penalties which is extremely important as that can eat into any savings you make
  • Multiple purchases can be made over time and this provides a greater opportunity to pinpoint any savings on the purchase of this energy. 
  • This will also spread the risk of what can be an unpredictable market and safeguard the impact it could have on your business
  • No minimum or maximum usage caps.

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