Utility procurement exercises are the most common activities which take place for businesses. With over 60 suppliers in the energy market, all offering different products, durations and terms, it can easily become confusing and difficult to ensure you’re getting the best rates.

Utility Stream offer buying strategies to suit both SMEs and larger Corporate businesses. We have the ability to compare SME pricing across the market within minutes and offer your business a wealth of options based on minimal preference criteria. For large Corporate and Industrial & Commercial customers, we offer bespoke tendering solutions ensuring that all of your supply requirements are met.

We negotiate and liaise with suppliers on your behalf, leaving you to continue to run your business, and will provide you with a comprehensive report from our analysis.

Renewable (green) energy is an often cost-neutral option and provides you with the ability to report and advertise your business being more sustainable.

Come and talk to us about how we can support your business in becoming more sustainable.


Commercial water

Many businesses still aren’t aware that the commercial water market was deregulated in April 2017. What this means, is that for the first time, businesses have the ability to freely move water supplier (should they wish to) from a price, service or ethical position.

Whilst Wholesale Service Costs will remain the same across all water retailers (these are published costs passed through from the Wholesaler to the Retailer), the Retail Service Fee can vary across Retailers as well as the way they charge customers.

Utility Stream work with a number of water retailers, to be able to provide its customers with a choice of options on who supplies them, whilst being transparent on each options costs, as well as the retailers service and ethical position. 

If you would like us to provide a no obligation, free water review on your business to make sure you aren’t being overcharged, please get in touch.

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